Statement About the Confederate Flag Incident at This Year's Parade:

The Astoria Regatta Association deeply regrets the display of a Confederate flag in this year's land parade and the offense it caused to so many attendees. We share the community's deep concern that the vehicle displaying the flag participated in the parade as part of the group recognized as the winning parade entry. After further research into this incident, we have confirmed that the vehicle concerned was not among the entries judged. The float portion of this entry was the only thing judged. It was a further oversight we missed Confederate flag stickers on the float itself during judging. We deeply regret the impression caused that Regatta in any way supports or condones the display of the Confederate flag. Moving forward, we will seek legal counsel to determine what limitations we may place on displays in the future.

Please do not let our oversight reflect negatively on Astoria, or the many, many volunteers who give thousands of hours to create a positive community event each year. The Astoria Regatta Association will learn from this incident and continue working to create safe, positive community experiences for all.

Astoria Regatta Association